Amsterdam Ramen Festival

photo credits: Alisa Wanders

The first ramen festival of Amsterdam. Serious foodie Susam of the culinary platform bySam dreamt of a ramen festival in Amsterdam and decided to host and organize one herself.

The Amsterdam Ramen Festival is the place to share ramen with your friends and family.  There will be lots and lots of ramen, ramen burgers, Japanese snacks like karaage, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, Japanese sweets and even free karaoke.

Brouwerij De Prael is brewing a special ‘Gebrouwen op de Wallen, lekker bij ramen’ beer for us.


The total food line up

  • Tokyo Ramen Iki
  • Vattenramen
  • KU Kitchen & Bar
  • Ramen Brothers
  • Sushilee
  • Bao Buns Amsterdam by Justin Brown
  • Aginamu
  • Food of Japan
  • Kotobuki

Online tickets are sold out. There will be a few tickets at the door.

Sunday February 17th 2019 -
De Bajes - Utrechtsestraat 11 Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Ramen Festival 2019

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