Het Bosch, a hidden restaurant locals don’t want you to know about


Het Bosch is one of those spots locals don’t want you to know about. And even if you’ve heard of it, it’s still not the most convenient place to visit. Restaurant Het Bosch is situated outside of the city center right next to a big lake called De Nieuwe Meer. Once arrived at this place there’s not much to do than kick back and relax. During the Summer season they have one of the most beautiful terraces with a view over the water. A great place to watch the sunset.

But there is more. They serve excellent food and wine. Try their lobster, you won’t be disappointed.

Het Bosch
Jollenpad 10
Amsterdam Zuid
Lunch | dinner | terrace by the water

Opening hours:
Monday til Friday noon-3pm and 6-22pm
Saturday 6pm-22pm

Het Bosch

kaart is aan het laden - een ogenblik geduld aub...

Het Bosch 52.334700, 4.851380