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5 cool coffee bars in Amsterdam you should visit

Okay, so when it comes to coffee, Amsterdam was a little behind. There were just a handful of legit coffee bars. But these last few months there are a few coffee places that make going out for coffee worth while. A bonus: they’ve added wine to their menu, so they are making hanging around for all day very attractive.

So here are five super cool, kind of hipster coffee bars in Amsterdam you should def pay a visit when you are in Amsterdam and are in desperate need for a caffeine fix. 

A few of the coffee bars have just recently opened and a few opened their doors last year.


Friedhats FUKU Cafe

Bos en Lommerweg 136 | Amsterdam West

FUKU Coffee Bar Amsterdam Bolo

Cool and laid back coffee spot right in the neighourhood Bos en Lommer. They roast their own coffee. They also have sweet treats, savory snacks and wine and beer. On warm days you can kick back in their small garden.

Owner Lex ended up second at the World Championship. The highest position a Dutch barista ever reached, so you can say it’s the coffee place of the best barista in the Netherlands.

FUKU Coffee Bar Amsterdam Bolo


Public Space

Bercylaan 301 | Amsterdam North

Public Space Amsterdam Noord koffie

We really love the interior of this place. Eventhough it’s spacious it still feels warm and welcoming. Owner David Gillies has a talent for making you at ease and he is also a hell of a barista. People from all over the world come here to sip his coffee. So get ready for a serious fix.

Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat when you’re here. They have some wicked food for breakfast, brunch and lunch. They serve dishes here that you can’t eat anywhere else in Amsterdam.



Camperstraat 48-50 | Amsterdam East

4850 wijnbar koffie Amsterdam Oost

We don’t know if we should recommend this place for it’s coffee, wine, food, great service or fabulous vibe. You know what, just go and decide for yourself.


They have a great selection of Scandinavian beans and their filter coffees are sublime.

Owner Daniel is Scandinavian. You can taste it, see it and feel it. Our tip: just make yourself at ease order something to drink, something to nibble, order some more food and just go with the flow.



Overtoom 558 | Amsterdam West

The owners of this recently opened coffee bar on the Overtoom already have a well established coffee place: white label coffee on the Jan Evertsenstraat in Amsterdam West. At this new spot you can also grab something to eat, to snack and a beer or wine. A chill all day spot to hang out.

They have a typical Dutch treat on their menu: ontbijtkoek. It’s a spiced bread which you can eat as a snack or as breakfast. At schuurmanoomensgrassotti they serve the homemade ontbijtkoek with butter and old cheese. A must try.

schuurmanoomensgrassotti coffee bar Amsterdam


NAKED espresso

Warmoestraat 46 | Amsterdam Center

NAKED espresso Amsterdam

Is it possible to run an urban coffee bar in the red light district. Well NAKED espresso seems to do so. The small place serves coffee from one of the best beans in Amsterdam: Stooker. An ideal place if you find yourself near the Dam and you’re in desperate need for a great cup of coffee. They also use a special steamer to create the perfect foamy milk.

There’s a cosy corner right in the back of this coffee bar. You can burry yourself in the comfy pillows and enjoy your cup of freshly brewed coffee and maybe a croissant?

Espressobar NAKED espresso koffie

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