Frietboutique Amsterdam has the best fries of Amsterdam

You can find Frietboutique in the South of Amsterdam. This cute little place serves killer homemade fries. Owner Sammy and Pebbles are very serious about making good fries and they hand cut their fries on the spot. They use only the best potatoes and they get a fresh batch of them every day. They wash the potatoes carefully, brush them and cut them to the right size. They first bake the potatoes on a low temperature so they can bake them at a high temperature later to create the perfect golden crust. Oh and they leave the peel on the potato so the vitamines are preserved.

Frietboutique Amsterdam fries best

No wonder the neighbors love Frietboutique’s fries so much. They even won the prize for best fries in Amsterdam. They have different sauces to choose from like Ibiza sauce, truffle mayonaise, curry sauce and more. I like a fries special, fries with mayonaise, curry sauce and raw onions.

Frietboutique Amsterdam
Johannes Verhulststraat 107
Amsterdam South
Lunch | snack | diner

Opening hours:
Daily noon til 22 pm

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