Men Impossible best vegan ramen restaurant in Amsterdam

It’s not easy to find vegan ramen in Amsterdam. And a good bowl of plantbased Japanese noodle soup is even harder to find. Well that was until Men Impossible opened up on the Hazenstraat in Amsterdam Center.

Men Impossible vegan ramen restaurant

Owner Atsushi Ishida comes from Japan and worked at several ramen restaurants (Takumi in Dusseldorf and Sapporo RAMEN SORA) before he opened his own vegan ramen restaurant. Atsushi isn’t a vegan himself but he just likes to cook vegan to take better care of the planet. He uses a lot of organic ingredients and hates food waste. That’s why he only works with reservations. Also because the place is small, so it doesn’t fit a lot of hungry people. Atsushi also makes everything from scratch. He makes the noodles on the spot so it’s not easy to feed a lot of people at once.

Men Impossible ramen restaurant vegan

Tasty flavorful vegan food

Once seated you can place your order of bites and ramen on the form. That’s when the chef and owner starts making the food. He has vegan snacks and a few ramen variaties to choose from. The snacks are very tasty. At first I was kind of sceptic about the depth of the flavor of the broth. But I must say Atsushi really knows how to bring layers of flavor by just using vegetables. I was very impressed. And I also loved that he serves dipping noodles. Since his noodles are curly the thick broth would stick to the noodles easily. A very satisfying meal indeed.

Did you know the word ‘men’ means noodles in Japanese?

Men Impossible
Hazenstraat 19H
Amsterdam Center
Lunch | brunch | diner
Vegan | vega | biologisch | duurzaam

Opening hours:
Tuesday til Saturday from 5 pm til 9 pm

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